How to Use Bleeds in Graphic Software

What is a Bleed?Bleed refers to printed area that goes beyond the edge of the final page size before it is trimmed. In other words, bleed is the area to be trimmed off. It gives the printer some space to account for the paper shifting in the press. Artwork and background colors should extend into […]

How to prepare raster and vector files for print?

I have been asked several times about how to prepare raster and vector files for print, and here is the answer: A – Preparing Raster files for print: Adobe Photoshop is a raster based program, and files must be scanned or created with enough resolution to support good quality output. If files are generated without enough resolution, […]

Photo Manipulation

When we talk of photo editing in general, it consists of working on an image in a way that does not disturb its original essence. Photo editing is a simpler sort of photo manipulation that keeps the original concept of the photo without changing it to a completely different concept and look. … make new wonderful and […]