SEO Strategy Infographics

An SEO strategy is the road map of your website search engine optimization designed in different stages to execute in a timeline fame .A long term solution to drive traffic to your website, improve conversion rates and boost the online presence. The infographic below shows a summary of how an SEO strategy should be developed.

How to prepare raster and vector files for print?

I have been asked several times about how to prepare raster and vector files for print, and here is the answer: A – Preparing Raster files for print: Adobe Photoshop is a raster based program, and files must be scanned or created with enough resolution to support good quality output. If files are generated without enough resolution, […]

Photo Manipulation

When we talk of photo editing in general, it consists of working on an image in a way that does not disturb its original essence. Photo editing is a simpler sort of photo manipulation that keeps the original concept of the photo without changing it to a completely different concept and look. … make new wonderful and […]