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Two hundred years ago, paintings left a lasting impression on the viewers. In the modern world, graphic design does the same thing and leaves a lasting impact like never before. Whether it’s ink on pa per or color on screen, no matter if it’s a simple design or a complicated project, we can design it for you!

We at Orange Graphics provide graphic design services for a wide range of projects.

From a logo to a packaging design our graphic design services brings the most effective results for your brand. A professional look is the essential part of a marketing strategy. We translate your needs into visual information and convert them into a unique experience for the media.

We conceptualize ideas and transform them into eye catching design solutions, our tools are creativity, visualization, artistic skills and technical expertise. Design fundamentals and art forms (illustrations, typography, photography etc.) need to be applied in the right proportion for the given context.

We’ll work to identify trends and shifts to continually reach your customers with aiming the most important avenues the market prefers.

- Strong alone, Stronger together! -


A logo is a word, a symbol, a picture, an icon or a combination of all! As a graphic point of view logo is an emblem that has been designed to visually represent a brand. Designing a logo is an expertise case which needs study of history of the client business, type of the activities, target markets, and combine the information with color theories, imagination and graphic design skills, to exposed and show the main and most important information of a business to others.

It's your logo that help you stand out and make your brand to shine, it's your company's personality. There is no doubt a good logo comes from an expert’s hands, there is no other way! We do wide range of logo design types:

  • Wordmark Logo Design
  • Letter mark Logo Design
  • Emblem Logo Design
  • Brandmark Logo Design
  • Iconic Logo Design
  • Monogram Logo design
  • Minimalist Logo design
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Business Cards

We design your business card in a way to make it look more than just an ordinary way to present your contact information to others! You can imagine it as a standard business cards 2 by 3.5 inches rectangles or a creative custom card designs with a crazy shape printed on a plastic!

A business cars is also an important part of your presentation. We do wide range of business card printing:

  • Standard Business Cards
  • Layered Business Cards
  • Round Corner Business Cards
  • Square and Circle Business Cards
  • Special Shape Business Cards
  • Folded Business Cards

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A flyer is your business printed sheet to take attention and give information to a service, a product or an event. Flyers can be created in any size based on your needs.

The most common usage of flyers is for advertising purpose. We do wide range of flyer design & printing:

  • One Sided Flyers
  • Two Sided Flyers
  • Horizontal Flyers
  • vertical Flyers
  • standard (8.5x11 inch) Flyers
  • special Size Flyers

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A poster is a printed paper designed to hang or attached on a surface, usually a mix of text and images or illustration. A poster must be large enough as one of the key usage of it is to display information from distance.

A well designed poster must grab the attention immediately and gives the necessary information in seconds.

  • Horizontal Posters
  • Vertical posters

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A brochure is an informative printed document for advertising. Brochures are usually folded documents. A Brochure designs to use to show necessary details of a company’s services, products etc.

We design and print wide range of brochures:

  • Tri-Fold Brochures
  • Half-Fold Brochures (Vertical or Horizontal)
  • Z-Fold Brochures
  • Roll Fold Brochures
  • Accordion Fold Brochures
  • Double Parallel Fold Brochures

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Booklets have many sizes but they are usually smaller than books and have less pages. Theu usually have a paper cover.

We design and print wide range of booklets:

  • Horizontal Saddle Stitch Booklets
  • Vertical Saddle Stitch Booklets
  • Horizontal Perfect Binding Booklets
  • Vertical Perfect Binding Booklets

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A postcard is a medium size card designed for advertising to mail without using an envelope.

We design and print wide range of postcards:

  • Horizontal Postcards
  • Vertical Postcards
  • Round Corner Postcards
  • EDDM Postcards

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These days between thousands of products lining the shelves of stores this is the design of container of a product that makes it suitable for marketing or it get lost between other products, this is a simple fact.

We design and print wide range of packaging formats:

  • Wrap Packaging Design
  • Label Packaging Design
  • Box Packaging Design
  • Blister Packaging Design

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Banners are big print units’ suit for storefront, trade shows etc.

We design and print wide range of banners:

  • Horizontal Banners
  • Vertical banners
  • Box Packaging Design
  • Blister Packaging Design
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Presentation Folders

Folders are the best way to present important information and documents to customers, a consistent look that stands out and catches the eyes while passing the important information.

We design and print wide range of folders:

  • Right Pocket with & Without Slit folders
  • Left Pocket with & Without Slit Folders
  • Double Pocket with & Without Slit

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Design your envelopes to match your brand look and feel.

We design and print wide range of envelopes:

  • Short Flap Envelopes
  • Long Flap Envelopes
  • Commercial (With & Without Window) Envelopes
  • Standard (With & Without Window) Envelopes
  • Universal (With & Without Window) Envelopes
  • Vertical Catalog Envelopes
  • Horizontal Booklet Envelopes

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Even in a digital world you need a letterhead. The hard document to formally introduce you to others.

We design and print letterheads:

  • Horizontal Letterheads
  • Vertical Letterheads

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